Choo Choo 1st Birthday!

WELCOME to DIYStyle's first blog post! 

We are super excited to begin blogging our clients' amazing DIY events and are eager to share some tips and tricks to making your next event hassle free, inexpensive and beautiful. 

Christos' First Birthday Party


Thomas the Tank Engine

DIYStyle products used:
Balloon garland 
Foil '1' balloon
Clear acrylic sign (hired *Brisbane only*)

Balloon Garland

Balloon Garland

Ok, this party is just the CHOO CHOO CUTEST! With the Thomas theme, Mum Zoe (co-owner) wanted to blend in blues to celebrate her youngest's first birthday. She customised the garland as she wanted 2 running along side the house. She created our THOMAS THEMED GARLAND  with clear instructions and her own handy electric balloon pump. 

Train Cake

The train cake! OMG! What a talented mumma she is! She used 3 white thick card cake mats and printed decal stickers of train tracks. She baked 4 square sponge cakes and cut first carriage to shape. After icing the sponge cakes, the decorating began! How perfect using mini oreos as wheels! 


DIY Train

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the tiny train, so adorable! Simple with some boxes from the local fruit shop, an empty can of tomatoes painted red for the chimney and some white balloons and TA-DA you have your base for the train. She used decal stickers for the extra details like the wheels and writing. To finish it off the rope to connect it all. The kids played in it for hours and days!



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